29 April 2005

Leaving the Loire.

We had our last wonderful day sur la Loire today, travelling from Chinon to Loudon via the Abbaye a Fontevreau. The abbey is an incredible 12 century abbey, the largest in France. The chateau at Chinon was significant in the life of Joan of Arc; the bars and tabac are named in her honour.
It is ridiculously hot; 25 degrees. We are now headed south for the Bordeaux region. The wines have been great; last night's Chinon white was very good. A bientot.

27 April 2005


We are in Tours, on the Loire river (the last wild river in France). Today we have travelled from Amboise and are headed to Azay-sur-Rideau, through Villandry. The chateau at Villandry is renowned for its acres and acres of gardens (the food gardens alone are a length of 52 km!) The road from Amboise was a bit busier than we are used to but we have a quieter route to Azay. We are in a major wine region - the local vintages are Loire, Vivray, and Touraine. It is hot again; the rain that we had yesterday has stopped. The chateau here (a Tours) has a free exhibition of draings by Fellini. The temperature is high and sunburns on the ears are hard to avoid sur les velos.
We continue to see marvellous chateau along the route and many cave-houses built into the limestone - les grottes - many built into the cliffs after the limestone was removed to build the chateau.

26 April 2005

Notre amis dans Orchaise, Aurelie et Ludovic. Ils sont tres gentil.  Posted by Hello

Lunch a la Francaise.

A typical lunch of cheese, baguette, et nutella. In MorĂ©e. Posted by Hello

The chateau at Dampierre. Posted by Hello

Today, at Blois. Posted by Hello


Vive la France!

Bonjours mes copains!

Salut! We are sorry that it took so long to get a post up, mais life kept interfering whenever we tried to find computer!
France is incredible! We are in Blois right now; beside the river Loire. The cycling has been great in the last couple of days. The French drive very quickly and the roads are thin, but we have been travelling on quiet little country roads and loving it. Cycling is a great way to see the vraiment France; we have seen many beautiful churches and chateux, many dating from the 11th century! The little villages are precious; just a bakery, a butcher, and everything closes in the afternoon for a siesta!
Last night we stayed with a very nice couple in their house in Orchaise. Her (Aurelie) family had lived and farmed there since 1749. They gave us a pate that his (Ludovic) father had made from rabbits that he hunted. We talked politics, drank local wine and anise liquer, and enjoyed a true French dinner with a cheese course for dessert.
Our behinds are a little sore but are getting used to the punishment and we are feeling strong on our bikes. We have had some headwinds but have still been able to make our desired distances each day.
Every little town is so interesting and full of history; not much has changed here (in the country) in hundreds of years.
Today we will check out the incredible chateau and old town of Blois and head towards Amboise. Au revoir!

14 April 2005

Working it.  Posted by Hello

Last days in Vancouver.

Lots to do. Only four days before we leave! We've boxed the bikes, changed the money, photocopied the passports. Our itinerary: to Copenhagen via Seattle on the 18th, two days in Copenhagen, then to Paris on the 21st. We will probably take in some Parisian sights and then begin our cycling from Versailles. From Versailles we will trace the Loire Valley, and then head south to the Spanish border, where we will meet our friends Dave and Jen (from Whitehorse) and continue eastward through the Pyrenees.